Candida Yeast Infection - A Common Disease

Day by day more and more people are suffering of different effects of candida yeast infections or infections which come from Candida albicans usually known as candida. Reports show that a big procent of the world poupulation, somewhere between 80% and 90%, are affected by candida yeast infections.

You can think of candida yeast infections like a "silent killer". The most frequent cause of candida are antibiotics. So let's put it this way: you are trying to get rid of some kind of disease by using antibiotics, but this medicamentation changes the harmless Candida albicans in a candida yeast infection. First the candida yeast infection was considered a disease that only women can get but in time has been proved that men can be affected by male candida yeast infection too.

So let's say that the principal causes of candida are antibiotics,oral acne medications,birth control pills.

The candida yeast infection symptoms are very different from person to person. First of all they depend on the men's genetic setup. That's why there are so many types of candida yeast infection symptoms. And also there are many people that have just accommodated with this yeast infection and consider it as part of their life.

If you are wondering if you should be worried about your kids getting infected by candida the answer is definitely yes. The real problem with candida yeast infection is that if a family member has it then you can be sure that all the family members are exposed to the risk of candida infection. In childhood almost every kid takes antibiotics for different diseases and this triggers the candida yeast infection.

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