Candida Albicans, Rampage Through The Body

Most people heard of Candida but very few know how dangerous it is and how it affect the body.

Candida is a very dangerous yeast infection because it can affect every system of the body. It can spread very quickly if it is untreated. In most cases the entrance door is represented by the digestive system. Here it can cause poor digestion. From the digestive system Candida slowly spreads to the other parts of the body causing different symptoms:

- It affects the immune system causing frequent colds, Epstein Bar Virus infection and even infections with Streptococcus B.

- In the urinary system it can give bladder infections

- It can give reproductive problems and vaginal yeast infections

- Also the nervous system is affected : it can appear irritability, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue and even depression and memory loss

Candida affects all this systems poisoning the body with a large quantity of toxins. To see how big this quantity is we just have to know that only one yeast cell can produce over 75 known toxic substances. These toxins affect every tissue of the body starting with the skin and continuing with the other systems: the glands, the kidneys, bladder, and lungs. But the principal target for the yeast infection is the nervous system and the brain. Another damage that a yeast infection can do is the penetration of the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal wall. This is a very big problem because the protective barrier between the intestinal tract and bloodstream allows foreign and toxic substances to pollute the body. Also this can lead to allergies because the foreign substances cause the immune system to overreact. The Candida infection is mostly transmitted sexually and is often undetected. The principal way of attack of the Candida infection costs in fermentation of the body alcohol in to a very toxic substance for the body known as Acetaldehyde. As a first reaction of defense, the immune system produces and releases into the blood stream a lot of histamine .This is a very allergic substance that will bring a lot of allergic symptoms and food intolerances. Statistics have shown that approximate 30 million men and women suffer every day Candida infections. There is of course a medical treatment but it had been shown that the side effects of the drugs are often proving to be more difficult to endure than the condition itself.