Candida Yeast Infection : Many Have it Few Know it

Let's say that a person especially a women has a sore throat and takes an antibiotic as treatment. She will feel better immediately after taking the antibiotic, the pain will be gone and his body temperature will be normal. But after taking the antibiotic it is very possible to notice something odd in her underwear, a discharge she hasn't had before.

This is a very common case of Candida yeast infection. If the person goes back to the doctor she finds out that the Candida treatment procedure is very simple and causes no pain.

This could happen to anyone. But before worrying about suffering from Candida yeast infection, you should know some basic stuff about this disease.

First of all, you have to know what exactly Candida yeast infection is. This infection is also known as candidiasis (which is pronuounced as can-dih-dy-uh-sis) and it is describing a very common infection that is being caused by a fungus called Candida. The fungus is similar to yeast, so the infection borrowed its name. An important aspect you should be aware of is the fact that every person carries small amounts of Candida fungus is his/her body. These fungi don't cause any infection because the balance between the bacteria and other factors is at the right level and the bacteria are not multiplying to cause the infection. The infection occurs when the fungi's number is growing above the normal level. Warm, moist areas of the body like the mouth or the vagina are the most usual places where the bacteria is multiplying and causing the infection. When the vagina is being affected by the infection, the disease is called vulvovaginal candidiasis.

As previously said, the Candida yeast infection is being caused by the overgrowth of the Candida fungi. This could happen for a lot of reason. Pregnancy or stress may cause it as well as some illnesses which affect the immune system. Even some medicines like birth control pills or steroids may cause the Candida yeast infection. But the antibiotics are the most dangerous as they kill the bacteria which is preventing the overgrowth of the Candida fungi, consequently the infection is on its way. Another cause for the Candida yeast infection could be high blood sugar, but in young females' case. Girls who are suffering from untreated diabetes present a higher risk of suffering from with Candida yeast infection.

Even underwear may cause Candida yeast infection if it is too tight or if it is made out of nylon which is usually preventing the body from breathing. This fabric is creating a hot, moisture environment which is perfect for the growth of Candida fungi. Showers and very scented sanitary products can also modify the balance between the good bacteria and the Candida fungi, allowing the latter to multiply and lead to a Candida yeast infection.

Girls should know that Candida yeast infections are more obvious right before their periods because of all the changes at hormonal level. And they should also know that they can get Candida yeast infection even if they don't have any sexual activity. They shouldn't worry, the Candida yeast infections are not sexually transmitted diseases but they can be rarely passed from one sexual partner to another. But these cases are very rare and they don't require immediate Candida yeast treatment.